November 20, 2008

Is it Just Me???

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Or do the Christmas ads seem like they’re coming MUCH earlier this year?

I seem to recall in years past that the Christmas stuff didn’t show up until after Thanksgiving. We’re still a week away from Thanksgiving and some places have been advertising Christmas sales for over a week now. I guess they want to try and make some kind of profit.

My Christmas season pet peeve: Advertisements that use Christmas carol music as their jingle music, but they put different words to the music… like the Garmin ad to the tune of Carol of the Bells, basically saying how Garmin can help save you from all the hassles of Christmas shopping.

Hassles? Christmas shopping? Did I use those two words in the same sentence? Christmas shopping isn’t supposed to be a hassle.

Well, basically, when I hear Christmas music on a commercial break, and people start singing, and I don’t recognize the lyrics, I immediately turn the radio volume completely down. I find them highly annoying, second only to kids voices in radio ads, and just above “doofus dads” ads. You know, the ones where Dad doesn’t know diddly-squat about the topic du-jour, and that Mom and the little girl are the experts …

October 25, 2008

Busy Working With Wood

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So I’ve not been posting a lot lately, but I have a Legit excuse … I’ve been doing some of the grunt work for the carpenters.

Here’s what I did over the past few days:

I backplaned about 9 feet of plinth block.
I ran about 70 feet of soffit block moulding
I planed and ripped an 8 foot section of 7/4″ x 8″ into an 8 foot section of 5/4″ x 4 7/8″ exterior casing moulding for below the windows.
I set up my table router for some triple bead board, and had to make a new 4″ high fence in the process. I test ran one piece and didn’t do too badly. I’ll do better tomorrow when I’m not so tired, and have a better handle on bracing the piece against the router bit. I will need to move the fence about 1/16 forward before running the “for real” stuff. After running it, I will ship-lap it based on whether the beads are up or down. That’s easier than making a tongue and groove joint for a rookie like me.

October 23, 2008

It’s Coming Together Nicely

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As the carpenters near completion of the north and west faces of the house, I must say it’s looking pretty good. I was very pleased to see the arch completed, and also the carpenter’s treatment of it. I like the way it looks.
Arch completed

Here’s another view:
Arch completed

I also like the window plinths, and think they’ll look really good when finished off with an ogee on top. They match the interior trim, and will provide continuity between inside and outside the house.
Plinth blocks upstairs

Here’s a close-up view:
Plinth blocks close-up

The east face of the house doesn’t look too bad, so far, and we MAY not replace the wood on that side. We’re going to sit on that thought and ponder it for a few days.
East side, downstairs

Here’s another view:
East side, downstairs

The porch, however, is a different story, and a mixed bag. The crown across the front of the porch is in great shape. The fascia board is also in good shape, except on the west end of the porch where there are a couple of rotted / missing lookouts. At that point, it is cracked and sagging under the load of the porch roof. Fascia boards were not meant to be structural in nature.
porch soffit

And another view:
porch soffit

The box gutter floors are not looking good, and I worry we will need to rip them out completely and start from ground zero, but I’ll wait for the assessment of the carpenter on this one.

We’ll see what he says…

October 17, 2008

Our House Panther Scopes out Some Shoes

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These are a few pictures of our crazy cat as he fulfills his shoe fetish. He loves shoes, and the riper, the better. In these pictures, here he is sniffing, then accepting the shoes.

House Pantherl

House Pantherl

House Pantherl

House Pantherl

October 16, 2008

The Sound of Silence

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Well, all the guests are gone. I took the girls to the airport this afternoon. I’m tired. I need to go back to work to rest up from my vacation.

Last night was interesting. The girls decided that they still wanted to go out… to 4th Street Live. So, they decided that they would hurry up and eat and then get ready to go out. They were finally ready by a little bit after 10 PM. We got them there at about 11, with plans to pick them up at about 2. My sweetie went back down to pick them up, and they showed up around 2:15 or so. Needless to say, it was a late night for all of us, because I couldn’t sleep until they were home. When they got home, my daughter’s friend was a bit toasted, and my daughter was very chatty … and all I wanted to do was sleep. We finally got to bed around 4 or so. I set the alarm for 7:30 to make sure I knew when the carpenters got here. Then I went back to bed and slept until about 10. After getting up and getting some coffee, I started doing some work on the house. That’s a topic for a different post, though.

All in all, it was a nice visit with my daughter, but too short. I wish she could have stayed until Friday or later, but that was not to be. So, I’ll use the rest of the time to get stuff done and make some time with my sweetie …. I know … TMI ….

October 14, 2008

Cats, Dogs, and Old People

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So last night, after the girls went to bed, I took the dog for his evening constitutional. On the way back, he spotted a cat. As usual, I let him chase the cat, and started running with him. Then …. WHAM! I tripped and fell right on the sidewalk. Scratched up my glasses, my knee, elbow, and my glasses scratched my face in a couple of places. I’m a little sore.

Moral of the story … Old people shouldn’t let their dogs chase after cats… at least not with the old person in tow.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

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Let me preface this with a simple declarative statement. I hate surprise parties. Now, with that out of the way, I’ll state that Saturday was an exception.

Apparently, I have been living in a fog for the past few months, and was completely oblivious to what my dear sweetheart was doing. She was planning a surprise party for me, for my fiftieth birthday. She had my family involved. She had my coworkers and friends involved. She even managed to get my childhood best friend out here. She arranged for me to have the week off from work. And best of all, she EVEN managed to get ME to make some of the food, and I STILL hadn’t a clue that she was planning this for me. What follows is a basic rundown of the surprise.

The Setup: My sweetheart and I are to go out to dinner with a good friend and his wife, continuing our quest to find the best steakhouse in Louisville. He and his wife have invited us over to their house for drinks before dinner at about 5:30, and then they are taking us out to celebrate our upcoming birthdays.

The Ruse: My sweetie gets a call at about 5 pm from her work stating that she has to get to the Indian Hills Country Club to take measurements and pictures of a loss at the club. Supposedly a pipe broke and soaked some drywall and the carpet. She protested, but was told that they needed to get the room functional by Monday when the golfers returned. I was REALLY upset about the delay. I told her to see if it could wait until Sunday morning. She called the claims assistant back, and talked to her some more. No go. We had to stop there before going out. She called our friend to tell him we were running late but he didn’t answer, so she just left a message.

We get to the Country Club, and I’m thinking that we’re looking pretty silly, decked out in business casual and going into a wet room to take pics and measurements. So we get inside, and we turn, and I see the room, but don’t really see anything damaged. By this time, I’m really ticked off, thinking that they called her out here for a tiny water spill. As we headed though the door, I heard “In the Air Tonight” on a stereo, which I thought a bit odd for a screwed up room. We get in the room, and that’s when I hear “SURPRISE!” and I see our friends … So we greet and all that, and then I was told to look to my right … and there, lined up at the bar, was my family … and they yelled “SURPRISE!” …

By this time, I’m completely overwhelmed. And then, I’m told that there’s still another surprise … and I go around the corner, and there she is … My daughter came up from Florida, and she brought her best friend!

It was so nice to see everyone there. I had a great time. And I found out some other things too.
Things I learned at my surprise party:
I learned that I made the Stuffed Shells for my own party without knowing it.
I learned that I had the following week off from work.
I learned that my daughter is not coming up over Thanksgiving, because she’s here now.
I learned that I have some SERIOUS payback to accomplish to ALL involved … … muahahahaha!

It was really great, though, to see my family. I even got to talk to my nephew over in Ankara thanks to skype! And my sweet wife continues to amaze me every day. My brother was right when he said to me at my wedding “You know, we both married up.” Yes, Bill, we did.

October 3, 2008

Excitement on Main Street

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We’re sitting down to dinner, and notice the blue flashing lights of Mayberry’s finest out front, and I commented to my wife “Looks like someone got busted again.”

So, I go to look out front, and notice that there is a car in our front yard.

car in yard
car in yard
car in yard
car in yard

So we get up to go see What’s happening. Turns out, someone hit a utility pole on the other side of the street about two houses up, then crossed over main street and landed up on the sidewalk right in front of one of our Tulip Poplars. Then he ran.

So we’re outside sightseeing and spent some time out there, talking and looking … and we go back in, and my wife says jokingly “Alex is probably eating my food” at the same time I look at Alex in his bed as he’s looking up at me and licking his chops …. and there’s the chicken leg, right at his feet!

We got the scoop on what happened. The kid (29) hit the power pole because he was fumbling trying to answer his cell phone, then lost control and hopped the curb in front of our house. The reason he ran was that he had had some run-in’s with the law in the past, and it was his girlfriend’s car, AND she had it less than two weeks.

September 29, 2008

Bowling This Week

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Well, week two with my new ball proved to be just okay. I bowled a 204, a 157, and a 156. We took 3 points today, and it was just me and my nephew.

I started really well, but then had typical operator error problems and only ended up with a 204. I should probably practice some with the ball, just to see how it reacts in different conditions. I think I may do that.

September 21, 2008


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Well, I picked up a new ball this week, rolled a few practice shots with it during league practice, and decided to try my luck with it. I did pretty good for never having rolled it before, and ended up with a 178, a 197, and a 211! Not bad for a brand new ball.

And the Winner is: MoRich Solid LevRG. The pro shop guy did an awesome job matching the drill pattern on my old DZ2. And therein lies the answer as to why I think I did so well on my first time with this ball … It was like I was rolling my DZ2. It reacts the same, it reads the same, but it’s more … more forgiving, more able to carry brooklyn, and I can throw it harder because it’s a 15 lb ball.

Kudos to MoRich for releasing a decent “old school” style ball that goes LONG and hits HARD. Interestingly enough, however, the harder I threw it, the more it seemed to hook. I might have to play with that for a while.

Kudos to Average Joe’s Pro Shop and Tony for the drill job and recommendations. Tony was bowling on the opposing team when I rolled my 276 with the the D2Z. Average Joe’s Pro shop is on the web at www.averagejoesproshop.com

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