February 6, 2011


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For all who are wondering where “The Vet Visit” went, I accidentally deleted it.  I’ll give the Cliff’s Notes Version here:

Our vet (Dr. Doolittle, our nickname for him) loves Airedales.

Ruby and Otis are in perfect health.  Ruby weighed in at 70 lbs, Otis at 88 lbs.

They didn’t pick out any toys at the doggie toy store.

We took them home and gave them lots of loving.

February 2, 2011

To Aire is Divine!

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Okay, I know I totally stole that from another Airedale blog, but it fits, I think, for this post.

One of the joys of owning an Airedale is in seeing the gusto with which they embrace life.  Another is seeing the intelligence and thought put into the games they play. Some are with each other, and some are with us “stupid humans”.  So far, they haven’t done much inventive game play with us yet, although I am sure it is soon to come.  As far as playing with each other, I have a modest example here, which I’ll call “Steal the Toy”.  It goes like this:

Ruby and Otis are laying in the living room, Ruby by the piano, Otis on my feet.  Otis JUMPS UP and runs to the front door.  Ruby, not wanting to miss out, also jumps up and follows.  They both look out the sidelight for a few seconds…

Ruby and Otis at the sidelight.

Ruby and Otis at the sidelight.

then Otis comes back into the living room, and proceeds to go into Ruby’s crate and steals her toy.  Ruby hears a slight ruckus here in the living room and comes to see what’s going on.  She sees that Otis has her toy and starts to scold him.  That, in and of itself, doesn’t really do it for Otis, and so she growls a little louder at him.  This starts Otis singing, which he can’t do with a toy in his mouth. As quickly as the toy hits the floor, Ruby snatches it and takes it back into her crate, grumbling the whole way.  She stays in her crate this time, but, again, Otis runs to the front door … And the cycle repeats itself over and over, until Otis decides that it’s better to be rubbed than to play Steal the Toy!

February 1, 2011

Total Ownage

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It has been a little more than 30 hours since we got home with Ruby and Otis, and I must confess that I have been OWNED… They are GREAT!  Here’s a little of what I have learned about them in the past 30 hrs:


Otis out for a walk

Otis out for a walk

Otis is a total goofball.  All he wants to do is play and be rubbed. (given the choice, he’ll take being rubbed over anything else.)

Last night, they picked their preferred spots.  Otis’ preferred spot is on my feet.  Not AT my feet … ON my feet. As I sit on the couch, he’ll sit right in front of me, between my legs, and make me rub him.  (Okay, well, he doesn’t really make me do it, but if I stop, he turns around and looks at me as if to say “Why did you stop?”)  As I rub him, he slowly melts, until he is laying on the floor, totally stretched out, his chest ON my feet.  At one point, while I was rubbing him, he just threw himself backward on me and slid down my leg, until he was a pile of complete relaxation … yes … ON my feet!

This morning after our walk, he went one step further … he started off all stretched out, and then rolled till his back was … ON my feet, and he was belly up so he could get a belly rub.


Ruby Visiting the Neighbors

Ruby Visiting the Neighbors

Ruby is “The Boss”.  She’s a no-nonsense girl and she wants Otis to know it. She’s also very loving and devoted.  She also reminds me of Sam (the Airedale I had growing up) in many ways, right down to the sigh she gives when she lays down sometimes. 

This morning, while I was in the bathroom getting ready for work, I heard someone sniffing at the bottom of the door.  When I came out of the bathroom, there she was, laying right at the door, waiting for me to come out! She jumped up and was so happy to see me, you would have thought I was gone for a week!

She manages to get in her share of attention, in spite of Otis’ constant butting-in. She is such a sweetheart, but she won’t think twice about hogging the toys and telling Otis a thing or two in the process.


Currently, they are sacked out on the floor. Well, Otis is.  Ruby is laying there, resting, but with her eyes open. She’s fighting the urge to fall asleep.  Maybe she feels that this new home is too good to be true, and she worries that it will all come to an end. Hopefully we’ll be able to put away any fears or worries she may have.  She’s almost asleep now.  Otis is snoring away.  I think that pretty much sums up the pair of them.

January 28, 2011

The Transport Plan

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Well, a little over two days before we get to pick up Ruby and Otis.  The waiting seems interminable, but I know that in all reality, this has all happened quite quickly.  The people at ATRA are wonderful, and it’s obvious that they all love what they do.

We were put in contact with the lady who organized the transport.  She is, from what I understand, in Minnesota.  She has coordinated the transport of Ruby and Otis from Arkansas to us.  And she has done so with the precision and attention to detail that would rival any full-scale military operation.  Our hats are off to you Sara!

Meanwhile, we have to just wait.  The i’s are dotted, the t’s are crossed, and soon we’ll be hearing the clicking of Airedale paws on our floors, and making sure that Ruby and Otis have all the comforts that they deserve in their forever home!

We can’t wait!!!

January 25, 2011


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As many of you may know, about 10 1/2 months ago, we lost our beloved Alex to pancreatic cancer.  He was well loved, and had a good life.

As most of you may NOT know, I have always wanted to have an Airedale.  I grew up with them, and I think they are GREAT family members.  Periodically, we would scan the pages of ATRA (Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption) looking for that perfect “sparedale” that we could love and give a forever home to.

Having Alex was not conducive to having an Airedale, since Alex was a one dog family dog.  Additionally, many of the Airedales listed for adoption on the website had issues with cats, or small children, or such.  At any rate, we weren’t holding out much hope that we would find our Airedale anytime soon.

Along comes Sandy Lasey, of the ATRA in Arkansas, who just happened to be scanning facebook, and saw that we were interested in providing a forever home to an Airedale. She sent us an email, saying that she had two surrenders. The owners were transferring out of the country, and their caretaker was no longer able to care for them properly.  They are littermates and are 4 yrs old.  Yes, they come as a package, both of them…all 146 lbs of them! But they sounded ideal for us. They aren’t food aggressive, they aren’t skittish with loud noises, they love EVERYONE and think that EVERYONE loves them, they don’t view cats as food, and, most of all, they’re AIREDALES! It was obvious from talking to her, that splitting the pair up was not an option. 

We talked it over, deciding early on, that two Airedales wouldn’t be significantly more expensive than one Airedale.  Most of our discussion revolved around how best to provide a good, loving home for them, and how best to make sure that our 10 yr old cat didn’t get lost in the shuffle (As I type this, he is sleeping peacefully nested up next to me on the couch…little does he know that his world – and ours – is about to be turned upside down and inside out!)

We called Sandy  back and said that we would LOVE to have Ruby and Otis become a part of our family, and what do we need to do to make it happen.

There was the ATRA application. There was the home visit. There was the Vet reference check.  The groomer check. The WAITING … and more waiting… and more waiting…

Last night we got a call just after 10PM… we have been approved!!!! Today, the transport started gelling … It looks like they will be in St Louis this Saturday evening.  If need be, I’ll drive to St Louis to pick them up.  I can’t wait!!!

This and all future posts regarding our new additions will be filed under the “AireTails” category.

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