January 3, 2009


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Well, a new year is upon us. Boy did it sneak up on me quickly! And it’s already January 2nd!

Have you made your resolutions ? I haven’t. Well, I haven’t made all of them. I’m still working on them. I didn’t even start until today. I WAS going to resolve to not procrastinate, but that went out the window yesterday. Well, it WOULD have, if I hadn’t put that off until today.

I, like many, plan to lose weight. I lost some last year, but found a portion of it again. I think I had it stuffed in the pantry.

I’m going to finish restoring our foyer again. Not finish it again, but resolve again to finish it. But “finish restoring our foyer again” sounds better. Like I am so efficient that I have completed the entire house and am looking for something to do.

I’m going to landscape around the outside of our home, now that we’ve got it painted. Well, more like, change the landscape. We now have some bare foundation stone that needs a little visual diversion, like possibly some roses. We have yews in front that are older than me, and that’s pretty friggin’ old. They need to go. We need some rhododendrons in their stead.

I will teach myself the secrets of ‘faux-bois’ … fake woodgraining. I’m talking old school here. Not the type you do with gelstain and a grain rocker. I’m talking graining combs, flogging brush, stipple brush, and glazes to make fake quartersawn oak grain that looks real. I’ll even post pictures of my progress.

I am sure that there are other things that I would like to accomplish or achieve this year, but either I don’t know what they are, or I’m not telling you, ’cause it’s none of your business …

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