January 4, 2009


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Many of you may remember back in 2006, when our dog Alex developed an insulinoma, a form of pancreatic cancer. In 2007, we were blessed to be able to afford surgery to possibly remove the tumor, and, we got lucky. The tumor was in a good location, and was completely and successfully removed. Alex had a complete recovery, but the surgeon told us that once an animal gets an insulinoma, it is likely that he will develop another one, the only question is the time frame. He typically gave 1 yr as a benchmark.

Alex’s 1 year anniversary was last March, and he was still cancer free and loving life.

Unfortunately, this past December, he has started having siezures again, and when we had him at the vet’s office for his yearly shots, his blood glucose was 49 (that’s WAY low). His insulinoma is back. We won’t have the joy of his company for too much longer. Generally, the second time around, the disease progresses more rapidly.

I uploaded a video of our puppy playing fetch, his second favorite game. His most favorite game, by the way, is to get me to take a nap with him on the couch. Granted, it’s an easy game for him. He hops on the couch and falls asleep, and that’s how he entices me to do the same.

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