January 12, 2009

Stupid Hollywood Writing …

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OK, here’s an idea: I’m going to write a post on what I feel are STUPID hollywood scenes, sometimes bordering on cliche’. I know that I won’t have all of them nailed down, so anyone who thinks of one, post it in the comments section and if it’s legit, I’ll approve it.

1. This is probably my newest pet peeve as far as scenes goes. Scenario is that there is a computer (usually a laptop) that is executing a program to (delete critical files, destroy the world, activate a weapon of mass destruction, cause trains to collide, etc …). The people discover the computer when the program’s execution is like 75 ot 90 percent complete and the first thing they do is get on the keyboard to try and stop the program from executing … alas, to no avail. Here’s a thought DUMBASS … pull the plug (desktop) or pull the battery (laptop). Both of these methods have a 100 percent success rate in stopping program execution, and stopping it IMMEDIATELY!!!

2. Tracing a phone call in the age of caller ID. OK, I can understand way back when I was a kid, and there was no such thing as reverse lookup, or caller ID. When the police wanted to find a person when they were calling, they would put a trace on them. BUT … I still see that happening on current law enforcement shows such as “Law and Order”. When someone calls our office, we can usually tell who it is, if we recognize the number, because we have …. CALLER ID… How come the police can’t use that neat little feature of new technology????

3. Hot-wiring a car … This may have been fine back in the 1960’s or earlier, but cars today have steering column locks that are integrated with the ignition switch. Turning the key unlocks the steering colum, and also starts the starter motor… If you hot-wire the car, yes, you can start the motor … but … that doesn’t unlock the steering column … try it …

4. having someone hang up the phone on you… and the phone immediately goes to dial tone …

any more ????

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