January 18, 2009

Obama’s Picks

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So the President-elect has picked some of his cabinet members …

Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State … Well, she might just work, if she ever gets over being pissed off at being relegated to a secretary. Then she can get down to the real business of helping to eliminate our financial crisis. She could just designate which countries have attained “most favored nation” status based on their “contribution” to the cause of getting our country out of debt. I think to give all a fair shot at the award, the “gift” should be rated as a percentage of the donor’s GDP.

Timothy Geithner for Secretary of the Treasury …Hmmm I kinda like this one. Who better to put in charge of the Infernal Revenue Service than a man who willfully scammed them…. aka a tax cheat! They’re saying that he’ll be confirmed, but the confirmation will likely be well after Obama takes office. In the meantime, he’s nominating an interim Treasury Secretary.

We’ll see how his other picks pan out.

Watching the U.S. Conference of Mayors on CSPAN … wow … I didn’t realize that puffery could be as boring as it appears. The mayor of Charleston, SC is speaking now, good old southern gentleman, rambling on about Guy Smith, and how he would be tickled pink that we had elected a black man as president, and that this proves that we aren’t a racist country. hmm, my thought is that since he referenced the skin color of the president-elect, we probably arean’t as far along as he would like to believe…

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