January 21, 2009

President Barack Obama …

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Well, it’s official. As I called it in my post “prior” to election day, we now have President Obama. I wish him well, and I can only hope that he does GOOD things for our country … but by MY definition of GOOD, not by Karl Marx’s. I hope that he governs from the center, but I have this fear that he, along with a Democrat led House and Senate, will try to move this country to the left.

I listened to his address this evening. It was pretty good. But, then again, we all know that he’s a good speaker. There were some really good areas, but I also heard a whole lot of socialism in there.

I heard that Senator Byrd had some sort of medical emergency today at the luncheon. Given that he is a (possibly) former KKK grand dragon, he probably had a stroke. One news article said that Byrd “became emotional” at the luncheon … Yeah, I bet he did. He just got scared cause he figures his day of reckoning has come!

Well, we shall see what the coming days bring … Hold on to your wallets folks, I think Robin Hood may be on his way.

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