February 24, 2009

Mortgage Bailouts? Give me a BREAK!!!

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So, the bailouts are expanding …. Now the financial crisis has spilt over into the mortgage world … and John Q. Deadbeat is in Congressional sights …. They have put us all on notice that no good deed shall go unpunished …. and no irresponsibility shall go unrewarded…

Add to that the fact that some are advocating armed resistance should the occupants of a foreclosed property be evicted … And so the battle shall begin.

I heard some people talking on the local talk radio show the other morning … Way to go guys, to get the points out that we Kentuckians who are conservative and gun owners: a) believe that there is a new world order type conspiracy, and that the federal bureaucracy is building concentration camps for us non-compliant types … and b) people will be running “naked in the streets” …. (He ACTUALLY said that on a talk radio show) …

Anyone who knows me knows that I FIRMLY believe that the Second Amendment is there to ensure all the others, but COME ON GUYS … don’t make all of us pro-gun people look like the stereotypical tinfoil hat gun nut …

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