September 23, 2009

Whitewater Rafting, 2009

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Well, we did it again. We went back to Bryson City, NC to go rafting again. This time we had a primo cabin, courtesy of Carolina Mountain Vacation Rentals, and we went rafting twice.

The first time was on Saturday. We did a guided raft trip down the Nantahala river. It was POURING down rain, do hard at times, that we could not see because of the water running down our faces. Next time, we’ll wear caps. The river was up a little bit, but still very similar to last year. Our guide this time wasn’t as fun as last year’s guide, but we still got to see the river again.

The second was on Monday. Pam did a guided raft trip again, and Dee and I did ducks. The river was up almost a foot over normal. We were told that the water was flowing at 1800 CFM (cubic feet per minute). Normal flow on the river is about 700 CFM. WOW! Rocks that we saw on Saturday were submerged on Monday.

The ride was freakin awesome! It was also alot of work. 8 or 9 miles of almost continuous paddling. I went for a swim twice. I also learned a couple of things. When you’re going towards a rock, hit it straight on, not sideways. The water will flip your duck if you hit it sideways, and you’re guaranteed to go for a swim. And it does not always fall to reason that if a raft can take a certain line, a duck can also.

Our guide, Reggie, said I was pretty good at paddling. I just need to remember the basics when things get hectic (like when you’re going through the last set of rapids on the Nantahala. He said I could have stabilized myself and kept from flipping. That’s where experience comes in. I’ll try to do better next time.

I’ll write more later and post some pics also.

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