January 25, 2011


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As many of you may know, about 10 1/2 months ago, we lost our beloved Alex to pancreatic cancer.  He was well loved, and had a good life.

As most of you may NOT know, I have always wanted to have an Airedale.  I grew up with them, and I think they are GREAT family members.  Periodically, we would scan the pages of ATRA (Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption) looking for that perfect “sparedale” that we could love and give a forever home to.

Having Alex was not conducive to having an Airedale, since Alex was a one dog family dog.  Additionally, many of the Airedales listed for adoption on the website had issues with cats, or small children, or such.  At any rate, we weren’t holding out much hope that we would find our Airedale anytime soon.

Along comes Sandy Lasey, of the ATRA in Arkansas, who just happened to be scanning facebook, and saw that we were interested in providing a forever home to an Airedale. She sent us an email, saying that she had two surrenders. The owners were transferring out of the country, and their caretaker was no longer able to care for them properly.  They are littermates and are 4 yrs old.  Yes, they come as a package, both of them…all 146 lbs of them! But they sounded ideal for us. They aren’t food aggressive, they aren’t skittish with loud noises, they love EVERYONE and think that EVERYONE loves them, they don’t view cats as food, and, most of all, they’re AIREDALES! It was obvious from talking to her, that splitting the pair up was not an option. 

We talked it over, deciding early on, that two Airedales wouldn’t be significantly more expensive than one Airedale.  Most of our discussion revolved around how best to provide a good, loving home for them, and how best to make sure that our 10 yr old cat didn’t get lost in the shuffle (As I type this, he is sleeping peacefully nested up next to me on the couch…little does he know that his world – and ours – is about to be turned upside down and inside out!)

We called Sandy  back and said that we would LOVE to have Ruby and Otis become a part of our family, and what do we need to do to make it happen.

There was the ATRA application. There was the home visit. There was the Vet reference check.  The groomer check. The WAITING … and more waiting… and more waiting…

Last night we got a call just after 10PM… we have been approved!!!! Today, the transport started gelling … It looks like they will be in St Louis this Saturday evening.  If need be, I’ll drive to St Louis to pick them up.  I can’t wait!!!

This and all future posts regarding our new additions will be filed under the “AireTails” category.

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