February 2, 2011

To Aire is Divine!

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Okay, I know I totally stole that from another Airedale blog, but it fits, I think, for this post.

One of the joys of owning an Airedale is in seeing the gusto with which they embrace life.  Another is seeing the intelligence and thought put into the games they play. Some are with each other, and some are with us “stupid humans”.  So far, they haven’t done much inventive game play with us yet, although I am sure it is soon to come.  As far as playing with each other, I have a modest example here, which I’ll call “Steal the Toy”.  It goes like this:

Ruby and Otis are laying in the living room, Ruby by the piano, Otis on my feet.  Otis JUMPS UP and runs to the front door.  Ruby, not wanting to miss out, also jumps up and follows.  They both look out the sidelight for a few seconds…

Ruby and Otis at the sidelight.

Ruby and Otis at the sidelight.

then Otis comes back into the living room, and proceeds to go into Ruby’s crate and steals her toy.  Ruby hears a slight ruckus here in the living room and comes to see what’s going on.  She sees that Otis has her toy and starts to scold him.  That, in and of itself, doesn’t really do it for Otis, and so she growls a little louder at him.  This starts Otis singing, which he can’t do with a toy in his mouth. As quickly as the toy hits the floor, Ruby snatches it and takes it back into her crate, grumbling the whole way.  She stays in her crate this time, but, again, Otis runs to the front door … And the cycle repeats itself over and over, until Otis decides that it’s better to be rubbed than to play Steal the Toy!

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