February 10, 2011

We Learned a New Trick

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Our cuties are VERY curious, especially when it comes to watching us in the kitchen preparing food.  I think an Airedale’s SECOND favorite thing to do is to watch humans prepare food, especially if they tend to be careless and accidentally DROP something.  I have no doubt that some have even resorted to “accidentally” tripping their humans so that they would drop something, rather than fall.

Ours like to be ALL UP IN THE BUSINESS.  For the first few days, it was not uncommon to be flanked by two big noses right at the counter while I prepared some food. When it came to the refrigerator, Ruby was VERY nosy, and anytime the door opened, her nose was RIGHT THERE trying to see what was in the magic food box.

Well, one day, my sweetheart was preparing lunch, and Ruby and Otis were right there beside her, literally, watching her every move, their noses working overtime to try and discern what it was she was making.

That was when they taught her a new trick … “Get Out” … She pointed to the living room and said (firmly) “Get Out”… and they did.  They both immediately left the kitchen and perched themselves at the threshold.  I am sure that they were thinking that they got stuck with the dumbest of humans, since they’ve been working on teaching us this trick since they got here, but they sat there patiently waiting and took pride in the new trick we had learned!

She had them show me how to do the trick when I got home. 

Otis and Ruby taking pride in their work

Otis and Ruby taking pride in their work

They still watched me, as much as they could, but they stayed RIGHT at the doorway!

What's he doing???

What's he doing???


They are such wonderful and caring Airedales to share this trick with us and have the patience to teach it to us!

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