February 20, 2011

The Treat

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Preface:  We encourage good behavior of our Airedales by giving them a treat after they poop outside.

We were walking them the other morning, and Otis pooped.  After we cleaned it up, I gave Otis a treat for being a good dog and doing his business outside.  Ruby, seeing that Otis got a treat, came over to me and sat pretty, expecting a treat also.  I told her that Otis got the treat for pooping, and that she didn’t so she didn’t get a treat. We started walking again.

We didn’t get more than 20 feet, and Ruby went over to the grass and squatted. I waited, and waited, and FINALLY, she squeezed out these THREE LITTLE TURDS!  I cleaned them up, and she came over to me and sat pretty for her treat.  I gave her her treat, and told her she was a good girl.  She took the treat and started trotting on her way again, happy that she had successfully outsmarted her human, yet again!

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