March 13, 2011

Doggie Day-Care

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So, we took Ruby and Otis to doggie day-care today while bowling, in an effort to keep them pretty much socialized with other dogs.  This was their second visit, and they were supposed to be evaluated on how well they played with others.

We know from their foster mom that if there are any probems getting aong with others, it isn’t their fault, its’ the other dog, as they spent pretty much a whole month in group play with up to 150 other dogs. Being biased as I am, I already know this.  Our two sweeties are angels!

Well, they didn’t get evaluated.  The facility apologized, saying that it was a mis-communication from the front desk to the back.  Oh well. Sigh … that was the MAIN reason for us taking them there.  No, I REALLY DO enjoy shelling out 32 bucks to have them sit in a kennel in a strange place while my sweetheart and I go bowling, when they could have been home in comfort.  GRRRR.

But I digress.

They did get some individual play with the staff.  They are BEAT. They were dragging on their evening walk. They are seeping right now. I even came in the living room with a plate of CHICKEN and they didn’t so much as lift their heads to see what was happening. Nope, no audience while I ate. 

At one point they were both sleeping with their heads on one of their front legs. At the same time, they BOTH switched position into the familiar ‘Airedale Sprawl, with front and back legs outstretched. That’s how they are now. 

I would post pictures, but as soon as I go upstairs to get the camera, they will follow. My crackberry doesn’t take good pictures in low lighting. Nor does my sweetheart’s iPhone. So, hopefully I have painted a good enough word picture for you.

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