March 25, 2011

Sunday Meet & Greet: A Different Take

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Last Sunday, we did the first “Official” meet and greet between Joe, Ruby and Otis.  It went fairly well.  We now know for sure that neither Ruby nor Otis view Joe as a food item.  That’s a relief, but I kind of figured that anyway.

We blocked off the kitchen, and put Joe in there. Then one at a time, we brought (first) Otis, then Ruby into the kitchen on a leash.  Joe hissed and spit and growled, but they were able to meet and sniff each other. The entire time, Airedale Tails were wagging like crazy.  They found a new “toy” so to speak.

Joe wasn’t as crazy about the whole situation, but it enabled us to comfortably give Joe the run of the house along with Ruby and Otis.

Now, Ruby has a new entertainment venue – CatTV. She spends alot of her time throughout the day camped out in front of “Joe’s room” AKA the executive suite for those who have stayed here. Joe knows she can’t get in there, under the child gate, so sometimes he’ll strut by in plain view, just to mess with her. She’ll just lay there, nose under the child gate, and watch him … hoping …

Last night, we think Joe lost his mind. We were in the living room, relaxing and watching TV. Ruby was at my feet and Otis was over by my sweetheart, and Joe came downstairs.  Not only that, but he came into the living room.  I said “Hi Joe Kitty” and he started to walk toward me.  All was well, ’till Joe meowed. That got Ruby’s attention, and she SCRAMBLED to her feet and started to chase Joe.  Otis, not to be outdone, also scrambled to his feet and followed suit, singing all the way.

I think I caught the ignosecond instant in Joe’s eyes when he suddenly realized that this was NOT a good idea and that he needed to get the hell out of Dodge!

All in all, it was QUITE a hiarious sight, one large cat and two large Airedales trying to get traction on an oak floor! Joe won the heat and made it safely back to his room, probably before either Ruby or Otis topped the first landing.

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