May 18, 2011

Dinner Thieves!

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Last Saturday, we were taking Ruby and Otis for their last walk of the night.  There were some people sitting on a retaining wall near a local restaurant, chatting.  Ruby and Otis noticed them and figured that they needed to be introduced. 

We walked up to the people, and Ruby and Otis introduced themselved, tails-a-wagging. After the initial greeting, we started talking with them about Ruby and Otis, and I looked down, and Ruby was sniffing one lady’s purse.  I got her nose out of it, and she went back to the attention of the guests.  A few moments later, Otis started sniffing the purse.  I got his nose out of it, and he went back to the attention of the guests. A few minutes turned into almost twenty, and while we were chatting we forgot to keep an eye on Ruby and Otis.

Next thing we know, they BOTH had their noses working their way into this lady’s purse. As we’re pulling them out of the purse, we’re apologizing for them being so nosey.  As Otis’ nose comes out, out falls a styrofoam leftover container that contained the lady’s remaining Shrimp Scampi and pasta. We’re not sure if they got any, but Otis may have slurped a noodle or two!

We apologized again, this time for our Aire-thieves stealing their leftovers.  They all laughed and the one lady told her husband that he’ll have to find something else for lunch tomorrow. We got them away from the spilled noodles and got them to sit.  Ruby then decided to lay down and kind of stretched her left paw towards one of the noodles, put it on top of it, and started dragging the noodle toward her! We both caught her, however, and the noodle never made it close enough for her to eat it.  But we all laughed at her determination to have that noodle! 

We apologized again, and went on our way, telling Ruby and Otis how embarrassing their behavior was.  They seemed completely oblivious to our talk, and were probably happy that they provided such great  entertainment for the nice people.

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