August 14, 2008

Well, it’s about time (aka … about me)

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Yes, I finally did it and got my own hosting account so I could set up my web pages, a blog, and, down the road, a bulletin board for the family.

About me:  I’m just an average joe, I work hard, pay my taxes (we won’t go there) try to not listen to too much talk radio, and try to enjoy what life has to offer me.  To that end, I have a lovely wife,  a dog that loves to take naps, and a cat that …. well, it’s a house panther, and pretty much iggs  us unless it’s time for food.

I retired from the U.S. Navy a while back, and recently received my official “retirement” papers.   I was an electrician’s mate and served aboard two ballistic missile submarines.  Now I work as a service tech for a local mailroom equipment dealer, and double as the Information Technology Manager.

Politically, I lean pretty much Libertarian.  I’m a live and let live kinda guy.

Hobbies … ummm yes, I have a few.  below is the short list.

  • I have an old muscle car that I tinker with.  It’s a 1970 GTO.  I get about 12 mpg on the highway with it, so I’m lucky it’s not my daily driver.  It’s got a 400 ci motor with a TH400 3 speed automatic and a 3.90 open rear end.  5000 RPM redline and 3.90 gears:  doesn’t go really fast, but it gets there QUICK!
  • I make stuff out of wood.  It’s a neat hobby because it gives me the opportunity to buy lots of neat power tools.  My favorite is probably the Jet Moulder-Planer that my beautiful wife got me for Christmas a few years back.  I have two routers, one is a plunge, the other is mounted to a table.
  • I bowl in a league.  I’m okay.  High game to date is a 276.  Bowling ball of choice … Brunswick D2Z, but it’s pretty well shot, so I recently got an Ebonite Complete NV.  I haven’t decided if I like it yet.
  • We have an old Victorian house that we’re restoring.  We jokingly call it “the Money Pit” like the movie.  I stopped laughing long ago.  That is why I make stuff out of wood.  It’s cheaper, even when factoring in the cost of the tools.
  • I like photography, and I’m not too bad at it.  35mm film is my medium of choice and an old-school Canon AE-1 SLR is my instrument of choice.  I also have a new Nikon f-55 for basic point-and-shoot stuff.  I haven’t yet delved into the realm of the digital SLR, and don’t know if I will any time soon.
  • I like to go shooting.  I’ll leave it at that for now.

As I have time and interest, I’ll be re-vamping (wouldn’t if just be ‘vamping’ as I don’t believe its ever been ‘vamped’ before) my web pages and further subdividing the sections for efficiency.

Feel free to look around and leave a comment.  Comments must be approved by me prior to their being published.  Yes, I’m all for free speech, but all too often, those who cry out “censorship” fail to understand that the right to free speech shall not be regulated by congress, but CAN be regulated by private entities.  Since I am a citizen and not a member of congress, I can censor the crap out of your comments.

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