circa 1891

Louis Chowning

Louis Chowning

Louis Chowning (a noted businessman and lumberyard owner in Shelbyville) and his wife Sallie, built the house circa 1891. The home was deeded to their son, George S. Chowning in 1903, when Louis Died

George S. and his wife owned the home until 1919, when they sold it to Mary and Sam Skinner. Sam owned a tobacco warehouse. Sam died in 1937, and the property transferred to Mary.

Mary and Sam undertook an extensive renovation in the mid 1930's.

Mary lived here with her sister and niece until she died in 1947, at which time, the home transferred to (we think it was) her niece, miss Lillie Vivian Anderson.

Miss Anderson owned and occupied the property until 1961. From 1960 through the sale of the property, the estate was held in trust by the Citizens Bank and Trust Company.

Miss Anderson died in 1961, and Laban Jackson bought the home and lived in it with his family through 1971. Laban Jackson was a real estate developer and state senator.

The Jacksons made some fairly major changes, which are detailed here

Through the 1970's the house changed ownership several times. The most recent two owners prior to us were The Pennington's (in the 1980's through mid 1990's) and Regina Rose (through February of this year).

We have been the caretakers of this wonderful home since February of 2003 and have recently started on a complete restoration.

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