Changes the Skinners Made

In the mid 1930's, Mary and Sam Skinner undertook a major renovation of the home. Due to the age of the home at the time of the renovation, and the popularity of the Arts and Crafts style, it appears that they decided to give the home a fresh look as well as some major system updates.

Outside Changes

The Skinners expanded the front porch to the full width of the house. Additionally, they added a carport. We're guessing that the garage (one car detached) was added in the 1920's or so. It was probably a kit from Sears & Roebuck.

Inside Design/Decorating Changes

The Skinners made MANY changes. Refer to the floorplan pictures (if you are interested) as you read about these changes.

What it used to look like

What it looked like after the renovation

They ripped out all of the (oak) "stuffy victorian" casings and baseboards and replaced them with New York style casings and baseboards made of yellow pine and painted white (with milk paint).

They centered the entryway and enlarged it by adding 2 large sidelights. They enlarged the openings to the parlor and dining room from the foyer, and closed off the (no longer needed) doorway from the back parlor to the front parlor. That's where they ran the heating duct for the master bedroom. They also closed in the foyer fireplace. (The foyer had a full sized wood burning fireplace, and the other side, the dining room, had a gas fireplace.)

They removed the original staircase and installed the center staircase you see in the pictures now. By doing this, they ended up lowering the ceiling of the back parlor and making it a much smaller room. They turned it into a breakfast room (morning room) and added an indoor access to the basement.

They enclosed the back porch and enlarged the parlor into the current living room. They carpeted the back portion (former back porch). Additionally, they enclosed the second storey back porch and turned it into a master bathroom with walk-in closet. The bathroom is tiled in white architectural glass with green trim and an art deco black glass border. They installed a (huge) shower in this bathroom. (note: The original matching sink, vanity, toilet, and medicine chest are all still installed and working.)

They installed a central forced air heating system. They also installed 1" strip oak flooring throughout the downstairs with decorative edging. Upstairs, they turned the second landing into a gallery of roughly the same size as the foyer.

That's all I can remember for now ... I typed this from memory. If I think of anything else, I'll add it later.

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