Chowning Family Lineage


Although My wife and I are not of Chowning heritage, We have researched the family to see if we can find anyone who has pictures of Louis or any of his family or of the house he built in Shelbyville, KY (Our dream home here).

Here's what we've been able to find from the library (our library has a Chowning Family folder) and other sources such as census data, newspaper articles and the like. Where I give full dates, it's because I have them. I will update this page as I get more information.

The Parents:

CC Chowning (CC = Christopher Columbus) married Lucinda Wright and had two children, Louis (b. 1-20-1840) and Willena (b. 1845). He later married Lizzie Miller and had two more children: Robert M (b. 2-16-1865) and Eva (b. ?).

The children:

Willena married George S Smith.

Louis married Mrs Sadler "Sallie" (Smith) Owens (1873) They had two children: Alfred Branham "Allie or AB" and George Smith.

Robert M. married Emma Mayes of Mayfield (1889). They had two children: Mrs John Culver and Maurice.

Eva married Judge Joseph E. Robbins (10-9-1879) and they had one son.

The Grandchildren:

George S. married a lady named Belle Mapes and had twins: Hugh(Mac) and Mildred.

A.B. married a lady named Tillie

The Great Grandchildren:

Mac married a lady named Marion. They had two daughters: Gail and Glen

Interesting Facts:

Apparently, all of the Chowning men of the 19'th century were very active in the community:

CC was a carpenter and a longstanding member of a church.

Louis was Director of Shelbyville Water and Light Company, Owned a pharmacy and shoe store, was Vice President and Director of Citizen's Bank, Owned a lumberyard, Was a city councilman, and was a longstanding member and Elder in the Shelbyville Church of Christ.

Robert M was a cashier at the First National Bank of Fulton, and was at one time Mayor of Mayfield.

AB and George S carried on the lumberyard. George S was president of the Kentucky Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (1912).

Our home was built ca. 1891. Rumor has it that it was the first residence in Shelbyville to have electricity, and also the first building to be built pre-wired for it. (having seen some of the wiring, I believe it!)

Contact Us

If anyone reading this has any info on Louis or any of his family, please contact us, especially if you have any pictures. We would like to place some Chowning family pictures throughout the house, and are trying to find some that will show the original appearance of our home.

Last Updated on July 21, 2005

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