Work Stuff

Some of the stuff I do/have done/did/etc.

Graduated in 1977 from High School.

Went to Pitt for one year. Got tired of school.

Joined the Navy cause I was tired of school. They sent me to school for 2 more years. (Guess I showed them!)

Spent the next 16 ½ years in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program. Made a bunch of patrols on big submarines. Retired at the end of 1994. (Thank you Mr. Clinton for the drawdown that enabled me to retire (with benefits) early.

Taught for the next 6+ years for ITT Technical Institute, first in electronics (EET) then in Computer Network Systems Technology (CNST) and its 2 spin-off programs.

Started my own consulting business a few years back. Provided PC and Network support, installation, management and maintenance for some small businesses.

Now I work as the IT Manager for Scot Mailing & Shipping Systems, Inc, a local shipping and logistics solutions corporation.

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