Virtual Tour

Here is a virtual tour of our house, which is pretty much a work in progress. Click on any picture to get an enlarged view, then click on your browser's back button to return to this page. Not all of the pictures are up yet. The rest will be forthcoming.

A brief history of the house and ownership, with details of major renovations

Okay, I'm sure you are all wanting specs on the home and property. Here they are: The home is 3550 sq ft Ceilings are 10.5' down, 10' up. Curved ceilings in the Living room and the Dining room. The home sits on .6 Acres in Metropolitan Mayberry (Shelbyville) in the middle of the historic district.

There are 5 (possibly 7 as we are missing a chimney) fireplaces in the original house, only 1 of which is open now.

The home has a first and second landing. However, they are NOT on the same scale as water st. The first landing is large enough to contain a full size Duncan Phyfe sofa, a reading table, and more.

The second landing is larger than the first, and was originally a gallery.

(before) indicates before we moved in.

Street view Front door Foyer Foyer 2 LR Fireplace Curved Ceiling
from the street front door entry hall (before) entry hall (before) livingroom fireplace (before) livingroom curved ceilings (before)
LR3 LR4 DR FP master bath first landing stairs down
Gingerbread detail More Gingerbread detail Dining Room Fireplace (before) Vintage Bathroom (before) First Landing Looking Down the Stairs
mirror LR to back mbr bed mbr Dresser mbr chest risers stripped
Rococo Revival Dressing Mirror Living Room English Manor style Panel Bed English Manor style Dresser English Manor style Chest of Drawers Staircase Risers Stripped of paint
spooky demo begins first treasure second treasure unwrapping 1 what a find!
A spooky, foggy morning in Mayberry First casualty of restoration was the foyer closet This wallpaper was installed by either the skinners or Miss Anderson Second layer of ceiling paper, probably installed in the 20's or 30's Some of the aluminum siding removed ! Our biggest and best surprise ... this gorgeous gable
Staircase stripped From the street close up not too bad soffit detail gable again
The staircase stripped of paint Starting to look like a real house now with some of the faux siding gone Here's a close up of the center window This corner isn't as bad as it looks Look at the soffit Oh that lovely gable :)

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