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Lowe's program ex beltline beltline detail front door during closeup whole front
Here's a possible paint scheme I did using a program from Lowe's This is what we found on the side of the house... It runs all around. a little closer detail Our front door during restoration They look like shingles, but are actually clapboards milled to look like shingles a new corner view of our home ... I can't wait to get it repaired and painted :-)
sconce wall gone bed soffit in focus beltline in focus side window
One of two identical sconces going in. The other will be on the other side of the stairs from it. When completed, this one will be identical to the one on the other side of the stairs. A neat old panel bed we found. Here's a better picture of the soffit showing the bars and rosettes Here's a better picture of the beltline. The clapboard is supposed to look like shake shingles Below our side windows. Note the echo of the frame around the captain's wheel on the gable.
under roof New porch roof supervising colors2 foyer wallpaper door_1
Looking under the porch roof. K&T wiring Getting a new porch roof My Sweetie making sure they do a good job! Here's a possible paint scheme, although not complete, let us know what you think. This will be going in the foyer. We looked for WEEKS before we found one we both agreed on! Here's our new front door, almost fully stripped!
door_2 hinges newel lamp both lamps both newels mantel1
Another picture of the door. Check back for a finished picture. These are the hinges we picked up for the front door. Finally got the newel post lamps installed Here they both are Another shot of both newel post lamps. Note the finish work on the right hand newel post! Our "new" foyer mantel. Lovely tiger oak.
mantel2 door finshed door finished full view plastering 1 plastering 2 plastering 3
Another picture of our mantel. The front door, finally finshed! Another of the front door. Here I am applying plaster This is the finish coat being applied This is my technique for getting that "smooth-as-glass" finish like they used to.

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